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    1. Seamless Steel PipeSeamless steel pipe is a strip hollow steel tube without any weld joint on the surface, which makes it able to suffer more pressure than welded steel pipe. This product is more durable in performance and enjoys a longer lifespan. Up to now, it has been broadly applied in offshore platform, boiler, as well as transportation of water, petroleum, natural gas and others.
    1. ERW Steel Pipe, Electric Resistance Welded PipeERW Pipe (Electric Resistance Weld) is manufactured by rolling a steel billet or steel belt into a tube then welding it with high frequency currents. Due to the simple processing method and cheap raw materials, this product is a very economical type and is most popular in the market. It is generally seen in ...
    1. LSAW Steel Pipe, Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded PipeLSAW pipe (Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welding) is basically formed by pressing or rolling a single piece of medium-thickness steel plate into a pipe billet by mould or forming machine and is subsequently merged longitudinally (externally and internally) by submerged arc welding followed by expansion of pipe diameter.
    1. SSAW Steel Pipe, Spiral Submerged Arc Welded PipeSSAW Pipe (Spirally Submerged Arc Welding) is made of steel band by rolling it into pipe billet at a certain spiral angle (named roll formed angle) then is submerged arc welded. With this method, a narrow steel band can be formed into a large diameter steel pipe which can be applied in construction areas such as billboard column and bridge ...
    1. Galvanized Steel PipeGalvanized pipe is made by applying a protective coat of zinc onto both inner and outer surfaces of a regular carbon steel pipe or seamless steel pipe using hot-dip galvanizing process, in order to prevent corrosion and prolong working hours. DH provides hot galvanized pipe including seamless galvanized pipe and welded galvanized pipe.

Steel Pipe

1. Depending on the difference bdheen production methods, it includes seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe.

Seamless steel pipe includes hot-rolled seamless pipe, cold-drawn seamless pipe, precision seamless pipe, thermal expansion seamless pipe, etc.

Welded steel pipe can be further divided into two groups. Based on welding procedure, there are electric resistance welded pipe and automatic submerged arc welded pipe. Based on welding method, there are longitude welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Carbon Steel LSAW Pipe Carbon Steel SSAW Pipe

2. We have three materials for your option, carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe and stainless steel pipe.

Carbon Steel Pipe Alloy Steel Pipe Stainless Steel Pipe

3. To suit for various connection modes, we provide steel pipe with plain end, beveled end and threaded end.

Plain End Beveled End Threaded End

4. Three coating types are available that are uncoated steel pipe, painted steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe.

Black Painting Pipe Red Painting Pipe Galvanized Pipe

Steel pipe is widely used in transportation of water, petroleum, goad gas, natural gas, steam and other liquid or gas. Nowadays, it has also been used in other fields such as drilling, offshore platform, shipbuilding, chemical industry, construction and electrical engineering.

Packing and transport

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